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    <figure class=”image image-large pull-none hasCaption shortcode” section=”shortcodeImage”><div class=”originalImage” data-open=”modal” data-target=”#90ad992b-0391-4371-898a-d3b5451ba96c” data-component=”modalEnlargeImage”><span>2020 Bentley Mulsanne Speed</span><span>Enlarge Image</span><svg viewbox=”0 0 16 16″><path d=”M15.9,14.3l-3.5-3.5c0.7-1.1,1.1-2.4,1.1-3.8c0-3.8-3-6.9-6.7-6.9C3,0,0,3.1,0,6.9s3,6.9,6.7,6.9
    <div id=”90ad992b-0391-4371-898a-d3b5451ba96c” class=”enlargeImage” data-component=”globalModal” data-global-modal-options='”content”:”“,”modalTemplate”:”<div class=\u0022enlargeContainer\u0022><div class=\u0022enlargeImageWrapper\u0022><svg class=\u0022close\u0022 data-close=\u0022modal\u0022><use xlink:href=\u0022#close\u0022\/><\/svg>content<\/div><\/div>”,”setContentOnInit”:false’></div></div><figcaption><span class=”caption”><p>This 2020 Mulsanne Speed is one of the very last of its kind.</p></span><span class=”credit”>
    Chris Paukert/Roadshow

    <p class=”speakableTextP1″>The idea of becoming infatuated with something that powers something else is uncommon. It’s also a bit weird. If you treasured this article and you also would like to be given more info regarding The Best Heating And Air Conditioning Services In Columbus (http://Www.Freegloballisting.Com/Listing/5009-Summerville-Rd-1-Phenix-City-Al-36867-Express-Heating-Air-Conditioning/) nicely visit our web site. As humans, we don’t often get enthralled with such concepts, let alone wax nostalgic about them. Nobody venerates the Duracells or the drive motor of their childhood Walkman. Very few get moon-eyed over the chipset that powered their first video-game system. It’s a particularly geeky quirk only select hobbyists share, and I’ve found that car people and horology buffs are more susceptible to this than most. Despite being an enthusiast of both automobiles and wristwatches, I’m usually pretty far from someone who fetishizes mechanicals. Nevertheless, the end of 2020 has me looking back and taking stock of my automotive year, a memorable portion of which was spent with this bit of blue-blooded British royalty, a model that has now passed into The Great Beyond. Allow me a few moments to belatedly eulogize Bentley’s venerable 6.75-liter V8 and the Mulsanne Speed.</p><p class=”speakableTextP2″>It’s ridiculous, really. I’ve never had the wherewithal to own any production line finally went dark late this spring after 61 years, well, the passing of the industry’s longest-running production V8 made me a little sad and a lot nostalgic. </p>

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