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    <iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen title=”49 minutes ago (c) by 4itsrox” style=”float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;”></iframe><div class=”micro-share”><div id=”top_ads” class=”print cpc-track”></div> <figure class=”cap-bot” style=”float: left; margin-bottom: 10px;”>Car-Valeters<figcaption><h3>Car-Valeters</h3><div class=”paragraph”>Car-Valeters</div></figcaption></figure><div class=”paragraph”> Numerous people believe that car detailing and car washing are the same.

    However, this could not be farther from the truth. Detailed car washing goes a bit further than a typical car wash to ensure that the vehicle is spotless, not only on the outside but the inside as well. Compared to car washing, car detailing does not make use of an automated system to clean the car.

    Rather the cleaning of the car is carried out by experienced detailing professionals. </div><h2>Car detailing can be categorised into two groups: Interior Detailing & Exterior Detailing</h2><div class=”paragraph”> Interior detailing is referred to as the process that involves cleaning the inside components of a car.

    A few of the components located in the interior cabin of a vehicle include plastics, leather, carbon fibre, natural fibres and vinyl. The process of interior detailing involves various techniques like vacuuming and steam cleaning. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Exterior detailing refers to the process of vacuuming, cleaning, restoring and even exceeding the original condition of a vehicle's exterior.

    The components of a vehicle's exterior are wheels, windows, and tires. Products that can be used for this include degreasers, wax detergents and polishes. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Below is a clear breakdown of what happens when a car interior and exterior are detailed </div><h2>Interior Car Detailing</h2><div class=”paragraph”> It goes without saying that outer beauty cannot be compared to inner beauty, and this is why detailing the interior of a vehicle typically requires a lot more time and effort to be spent on it than exterior detailing.

    Not only is having an interior cabin that is dirty bad for your health, but it also adds complications when operating the motor vehicle. </div><div class=”paragraph”> When your car's air exhaust is dirty, it can spread allergens all around the interior, grit and stains can cause your switches to stop working and dirty windows and windscreens can obscure your view when driving.

    All of these reasons is why cleaning the interior of a vehicle is more than simply washing with soap and water. </div><h3>Steps to detailing the interior of a car</h3><div class=”paragraph”> While there are different ways to detail the inside of a car and most detailers have their own unique methods, the standard procedure is pretty much similar: </div><div class=”paragraph”> Vacuuming: the very first thing to cleaning a car's interior is to vacuum the seats, rear storage area, trunk and headliners.

    The most effective way to vacuum the interior is to separately vacuum the floors and the mats. When it comes to those difficult to reach areas that the vacuum cannot get to, you can use an air compressor </div><div class=”paragraph”> Steam cleaning and brushing: this method is used to clean the car's mats and carpets.

    You should thoroughly scrub the mats to ensure all signs of blemishes and stains that might have accumulated on them are removed. To be thoroughly effective, you should make use of a steam cleaner. It is important to note that when you do use a steam cleaner, you should ensure the carpets dry thoroughly so as to avoid mildew.

    </div><div class=”paragraph”> Cleaning the windscreen: the windscreen should be cleaned using a glad clearer. This ensures that it does not obstruct the view of the driver and is left sparkling. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Leather trims: At this point, you should have a leather cleaner, leather soap and saddle soap to clean every aspect of the leather thoroughly.

    Ensure that excessively soapy areas are cleaned with a damp rag. Once the leather is dry, you can make use of a customised leather conditioner to help improve cleaning efficiency. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Wiping and Re-vacuuming: it is important to re-vacuum as it helps to eradicate any dirt that was missed in the interior.

    Windows and dashboards should be thoroughly wiped using a clean cloth soaked in cleaning detergent. Once all these steps are done, then the interior's shine has been restored. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Perfuming: Should you desire to, you can place an air freshener in it to ensure the interior is always perfumed.

    </div><h2>Exterior Car Detailing</h2><div class=”paragraph”> Detailing the car's exterior isn't simply just giving it a quick wash, there is more to it than that. An expert detailer will ensure that the car not only shines and gleams but also helps to reduce the appearance of surface scratches and apply a wax to seal the car's paint.

    </div><h3>Steps involved in detailing a car's exterior</h3><div class=”paragraph”> Washing & Drying: As stated earlier, detailing vastly different from a car wash, as this process is typically done by hand. The initial step taken would be to spray the exterior of the vehicle with a specialised, high powered spray, and then proceed to hand wash the car's rims, the door jambs, the glass and every other part of the exterior that requires cleaning.

    </div><div class=”paragraph”> Claying: this process involves the use of a clay bar to help eradicate any residue or impurities that can't be removed using regular detergents. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Polishing: a car in its typical life span will lose its shine or polish due to normal wear and tear.

    This process aims to restore its original polish. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Sealing: this process helps to provide the car with a shiny gloss finish. If you have any sort of inquiries relating to where and the best ways to utilize and we are always Here to help. Give us a call today to erase your bumper problems, you can contact us at our web site. This is done by applying a sealant or in certain instances, wax. </div><div class=”paragraph”> There are other services that can be carried out on the exterior of a car.

    They include engine detailing, trim repainting, headlight polishing, bumper repair, paint touch up, pressure cleaning the engine and chipped glass repair. </div><div class=”paragraph”> Car detailing should also involve being able to analyse the paint and know all the prior and current paint damages such as peeling, cracking, flaking, rust damage and more.

    </div></div><div class=”big_spacer”></div><div class=”sharethis-inline-reaction-buttons”></div><div class=”big_spacer”></div><div class=”big_spacer hidden-xs hidden-sm”></div><footer><div class=”author-signature”> To get more car cleaning tips, be sure to check with .<div class=”spacer”></div></div><div class=”big_spacer”></div><div class=”sharethis-inline-share-buttons”></div><div class=”big_spacer”></div><div id=”amzn-assoc-ad-4d334fc4-e14e-4607-bcef-fb9047ddc41b”></div><div class=”big_spacer”></div><div class=”big_spacer”></div><div id=”bottom_ads” class=”ad-3 print center image_sharing_exclude cpc-track”></div></footer><div class=”spacer”></div></div>

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