The Universal Declaration of Material Rights is an initiative of Turntoo.

Turntoo is a Dutch agency, established by Thomas Rau. As an architect, Thomas Rau has been an authority on energy positive building and circular building for decades.

Turntoo is developing the architecture of a new economy. The architecture of that new economy is based on the organised relationship between man and nature, which can exist in the closed system earth. Within that system, everything is equally important, so if people have rights, materials should be entitled to rights as well.

Turntoo organizes, among other things, lectures and workshops on its vision, on circularity and on the ‘Material Rights’.

In-house editors: Thomas Rau, Sabine Oberhüber and Debbie Appleton, Turntoo. For the initial closed editorial meetings we would like to thank: Ali Can Akpinar, geologist; Catharena van Zyl, environmental scientist; Charles van Beuningen, lawyer; Hans Erdmann, architect and behavioural scientist; Janne Brok, physicist and ethicist; Matthijs Schouten, philosopher and ecologist; Saskia Baan, lawyer.

Final editing: Linda Verhoofstad and Sanne van Kempen. We would like to thank everybody in advance for any contributions to the final version.

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