Our text is a first draft; we look forward to your opinions and suggestions. For that purpose you can gain access here to the text of all articles of the Declaration, subdivided in all preambles and articles. You have the possibility to leave your comments on all segments and to give your reaction on other people’s comments.

All comments will be assessed by a team of experts and will, if valid, be incorporated in a next version. Should you wish to become a member of the editorial team, then please send us an email with relevant personal information. Our aim is to assemble a diverse international editorial team with members from relevant disciplines and from all walks of life before January 1, 2016.

Should you wish to contribute in any other way, with for instance financial support, campaign support, translating or web hosting, we would very much like to hear from you, also through email.

Principles of editing:

In further developing our text, we want to deviate as little as possible from the original text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as it has proven relevant, and also as it is widely known and accepted. We will consider the English text of both the Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of Material Rights to be our ‘mother documents’.

Any translations of the Declaration of Material Rights will be based on the translation of the Declaration of Human Rights into the language in question, in combination with the English version of the Declaration of Material Rights.

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