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    For my master philosophy I wrote an essay about the ‘materials matters’ concept of Thomas Rau. My rate was ‘FAILED’ because I automatically assumed that it’s possible to give materials ‘rights’ but unfortunately this is not the case according my professor. Only living organism can have rights because the object to give or allocate rights to must have consciousness and dignity. It should be possible to subject to pain, torture, slavery or other negative subjections in order to allocate rights to it. I did not realise that this was a mishap in the thinking of my essay as I considered it as a leverage, a supporting token, say an emphasis to have respect for materials, to make people aware that materials are of precious substance for us and our offspring, the people who come after us when we are dead. To claim that materials have rights is hence nonsense according philosophy and law. But I still think that Rau’s vision is brilliant, because we should take care for materials in order to support and take care for our next generations and we should do everything possible in order to recycle them hence not to destroy them.

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